How We Work
Get the most out of your backyard. Your dream patio is possible and it all starts with a simple phone call (or email, if you prefer). Once you contact us we will set an appointment, at your convenience, for a project design consultation.  

What is a design consultation, you ask? This means we come to see your site, and listen carefully to your needs, wishes, and dreams for your space. We will likely take some measurements and a few photos, and then head back to the office. Depending on the complexity of your project we may do a full design plan or just a few sketches along with some figures so that when we meet with you again (usually in a week or so) we can show you the ideas we have come up with and what they will cost.

Then, too, you may have an existing structure that needs repair or an upgrade. Or you may have a photo or perhaps your own sketch of something you’d like to have in your backyard and just want to know if we can build it for you. The answer is – yes. All jobs are welcome.

Upon deciding what we will be doing, we will set a target date to begin the work and start acquiring the materials and parts needed for your project. We will come to your job site with an overall plan. Yet, years of experience have shown us too that some of the best ideas develop between the contractor and homeowner during the building process. We appreciate these opportunities for creative collaboration and are flexible and open to changes as we progress.

When your project begins you will find it is usually Mark, the owner himself, who does most of the work with only a few carefully selected, trusted helpers. Mark is hands-on. That’s quality assurance.  

Mark is onsite at your project at every stage and is available to you to discuss anything that might come up during construction. In fact, you and Mark will probably talk fairly regularly to be sure we continue to be on the same page, to discuss particular job details such as color choices and the like, and to allow for the exchange of new ideas. Each day the job site gets a thorough clean up and is left in an orderly fashion. Lastly, you can expect that the project will be completed on time and on budget.

In short, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you want when your project is complete. 

Mark is present and available to you on the job site so you can relax and have an intelligent, enjoyable experience as we build the Outdoor Living Room – be it patio or deck, pergola or gazebo – that you have always dreamt of.

With a 30-year history of fully satisfied clients you can rest assured your job will receive the attention it deserves and that you will be satisfied with the results. So, please enjoy our Before / After Photos page and the Photo Album, and remember that every project you see was once just an idea or a sketch on paper – until we built it.

When you are ready, we are able.